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InterManagement unique feature is the computerized Personnel Data Bank.

 In the event you need manpower in double quick time, InterManagement maintain a personnel data bank which covers every field, trade and profession. All you need to do is to make a final selection. In other words, urgently needed manpower can be at your worksite in as little as 2-3 weeks from the time you get in touch with InterManagement.

The Data Bank has been devised by InterManagement to save your valuable time and energy. InterManagement gold mine of information is the result of the long hours, careful and scrupulous examination of CV's. InterManagement is engaged in constantly enlarging and updating this storehouse. Each of the resume has been classified by age, education, experience and trade specification. Every candidate on our computer file has been interviewed in depth and screened with care, all the facts and figures submitted by the applicants are thoroughly verified.

InterManagement’ s senior managers enjoy a facile mastery over the modern tools of technology, the staff being the beneficial recipients of resultant understanding. Database network, word processing, optical scanners, computer retrieval system and intercity data transfers have complemented the human input of thousands of man-hours by our competent staff.

This herculean effort has been instrumental in making Data Bank comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate and FAST.

The clear job description from the employer enables InterManagement to develop a key search program incorporating each job parameters. The computer displays and lists all the candidates instantly and accurately.

Repeated key-search applications refine the search through successive steps to the ultimate stage where the ideal candidates are identified. InterManagement then institute re-interviews, skills assessments and checks by the HR Consultants and shortlist the final 3 or 4 candidates for each category.

InterManagement’ s Data Bank presents these candidates to you with the TOTAL assurance about qualification and suitability.

The Data Bank - all you do COMMAND it.