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Know the past and protect your future

In the past, background investigations were generally viewed as a luxury service. That scenario has changed; in today’s world, they are becoming more and more a necessity

Our subsidiary, InterPROBE Verifications Services Inc’s. ( ) pre-
employment deep-probe technology, provides the reports on following

  • Verify a job applicant’s identity with an EASY pre- employment screening background check
  • Know exactly who you’re hiring 100% of the time, including any past CRIMINAL history using the same resources as law enforcement agencies
  • Access complete EMPLOYMENT history records, including current employment, past employment, job performance, salary history, reference letter verification, attendance records, reason for leaving, and whether your applicant left previous employment on good terms
  • Verify the EDUCATION level, qualifications, and licenses and industry certifications  applicant claims so you’re sure
  • Look deeply into applicant’s life, including driving records, service records, credit history  and more  
  • Predict negative consequences for your business with a pre employment screen that helps you make the RIGHT hiring decision

InterPROBE®,   delivers these reports diligently and discreetly. You are assured that you know who you are hiring .Prior to referring the candidates to the clients, InterManagement and subsidiaries conduct primary, secondary & character reference and pre-employment background checks on EACH candidate. 

Employment screening services and employment background checks are vital to maintaining workforce integrity and safety. InterPROBE® proprietary employment background screening practices reduce the risk associated with industry-wide hiring decisions. With the implementation of our employment screening services, we give you the insight you need to uncover the unknown facts decisively.

Stringent Resume Verification Oversight - Our intensive research procedures yield an 30% discrepancy rate between what a candidate claims and what we find from their academic institutions. Our background specialist training program is simply the best in the business. Our staff is trained to follow our proprietary investigative techniques which provide the results you need, when you need them.Some candidates may be less than truthful about their employment history. Internal research shows this to be the number one discrepancy on resumes and job applications. Our background specialists verify the information on applicant's resume. Dates of employment, starting and ending positions and salaries, reason for termination, and eligibility for re- hire are examples of the information employers are asked to verify. Additionally, if we are provided with the name of applicant's supervisor when working for that employer and contact information, we attempt to interview them to gain more personal knowledge of the applicant's skills and functionality in the workplace. An Employment Verification can differentiate honest mistakes from truly egregious attempts to further one's career through blatantly inflated claims of salary and responsibility, or even attempts to cover up significant gaps in
employment which should otherwise be explained.

Primary References

These are obtained from the candidates immediate superiors at the current and previous employment. I InterPROBE® strives to establish the communication skills the character, the strength & weakness. Those referred to often impact deep insight regarding the relationship with others, the creative contribution, the salient success, or problems. InterPROBE® team have devised scientific questionnaires to bring out the candidates inner qualities to light.

Secondary References

InterManagement seeks the secondary source of reference by discreet probing during assessment interviews. The secondary references at peer or subordinate level reflect an independent and unbiased point of view. When the candidate is not forthcoming, often the primary references reveal those suitable for secondary reference.

Character Reference

InterManagement obtains the character reference from the person nominated by the candidates and who are able to provide reliable information on the background, integrity, character and personality of the candidates. We take care to verify that they are respected in the community and they have known the candidates for many years KNOW THE PAST OF THE APPLICANT AND PROTECT YOUR FUTURE


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  • AQS Pepsi

  • Halwani Bros
    Saudi Arabia

  • Hidada Limited
    Saudi Arabia

  • Savola Packaging
    Saudi Arabia

  • Al Amoudi Beverage Inds., Saudi Arabia

  • SKM Airconditioners
    Sharjah UAE

  • Royal Guard of Oman

  • Arabian Gulf Mfrs Ltd
    Saudi Arabia

  • Hail Agri. Dev. Company

  • Bastein Foods
    Saudi Arabia

  • GNP Hospitals Group
    Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi German Hospitals

  • National Titanium
    Oxide Co, Saudi Arabia

  • Marine Services Co
    Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Transformers Co

  • Western Bakeries
    Saudi Arabia

  • Hempel Paints
    Saudi Arabia/Bahrain

  • Abdullah Hashim Gas
    Saudi Arabia

  • Al Salam Aircraft Co
    Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Printing & Publishing

  • Gulf Union Juices Factory
    Saudi Arabia

  • Procare Hospital
    Saudi Arabia

  • Honda Saudi Arabia

  • Arabian Thermal AireCo
    Saudi Arabia/UAE

  • Weir Arabian Metals Co

  • AlGosaibi Hotel
    Saudi Arabia

  • Arabian Ceramic Co
    Saudi Arabia

  • Al Yusr Instalment Co
    Saudi Arabia

  • Support Industry Printing
    Saudi Arabia

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    Saudi Arabia

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    Saudi Arabia

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    Dubai UAE

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    Saudi Arabai

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    Saudi Arabia

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    Saudi Arabia

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    Saudi Arabia
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