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Minimum Hiring Criteria

Selection of candidates of Professional, Technical, Administrative and Managerial levels shall possess the following generic qualities

  • Management by objective
  • Strong administrative skills
  • Powerful communication and interpersonal skills
  • Result oriented and "bottom line" driven
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and self-motivated
  • Work well under pressure
  • Team player, capacity to take constructive criticism well, positive attitude
  • Think and plan in strategic terms
  • Proven successful track-record in managing multi-objectives within pre-determined time period
  • Successful track-record in developing subordinates
  • Possess the minimum length and type of experience required for successful performance.
  • Satisfactory reference from previous employers

Short listed candidates for the skilled, semiskilled and Unskilled workers will meet the following minimum hiring criteria:

  • be aged between 25 and 40 years
  • possess at least a full High School certificate (or equivalent)
  • have verbal written fluency over English language
  • pass basic intelligence and skill tests
  • possess the minimum length and type of experience, as specified in job Description
  • have worked in companies which are system oriented
  • be currently employed and have served at least 2 years with present employer
  • Not have the service terminated by the previous employers
  • have satisfactory reference from previous employers
  • be pronounced medically fit following and examination by InterManagement panel / concerned embassy doctors
  • Preferably non-smoker, have no record of drug or alcohol abuse
  • have no criminal record
  • have no impending military services obligations


  • ABB Saudi Arabia

  • AQS Pepsi

  • Halwani Bros
    Saudi Arabia

  • Hidada Limited
    Saudi Arabia

  • Savola Packaging
    Saudi Arabia

  • Al Amoudi Beverage Inds., Saudi Arabia

  • SKM Airconditioners
    Sharjah UAE

  • Royal Guard of Oman

  • Arabian Gulf Mfrs Ltd
    Saudi Arabia

  • Hail Agri. Dev. Company

  • Bastein Foods
    Saudi Arabia

  • GNP Hospitals Group
    Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi German Hospitals

  • National Titanium
    Oxide Co, Saudi Arabia

  • Marine Services Co
    Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Transformers Co

  • Western Bakeries
    Saudi Arabia

  • Hempel Paints
    Saudi Arabia/Bahrain

  • Abdullah Hashim Gas
    Saudi Arabia

  • Al Salam Aircraft Co
    Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Printing & Publishing

  • Gulf Union Juices Factory
    Saudi Arabia

  • Procare Hospital
    Saudi Arabia

  • Honda Saudi Arabia

  • Arabian Thermal AireCo
    Saudi Arabia/UAE

  • Weir Arabian Metals Co

  • AlGosaibi Hotel
    Saudi Arabia

  • Arabian Ceramic Co
    Saudi Arabia

  • Al Yusr Instalment Co
    Saudi Arabia

  • Support Industry Printing
    Saudi Arabia

  • Banawi Industrial Group
    Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Cable Co

  • Kuwait Regency Hotel

  • Kuwait Medical Center

  • Kabbani Bakeries
    Saudi Arabia

  • United Pharmacies

  • Plastic & Packaging Inds

  • Info Center

  • Life Health Group
    Dubai UAE

  • Al Yazeedi Catering

  • Universal Voltas Co

  • Cristal Industrial Group

  • Ghandoura Group
    Saudi Arabai

  • Danieli & C Spa Italy

  • Bader Bakeries
    Saudi Arabia

  • Papermoon Gifts
    Saudi Arabia

  • Basamh Trading Co
    Saudi Arabia
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